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How do I contact lufthansa reservations customer service?

Lufthansa reservations customer service

How do I contact lufthansa customer service?

As a passenger, you may have many questions or concerns that require contacting customer service. Thus, the airline has several ways to contact its customer service. Read the blog below for further details or call the Lufthansa customer service assistant at US Number: OTA: +1-800-971-7347 or +1-800-645-3880.

Lufthansa customer service chat

  • Lufthansa has an online chat feature which customers can use for questions or concerns. The live customer representatives answer all your questions, from booking tickets to asking about flight information. Follow these steps of the process:
  • Customers must fill in a form on Lufthansa’s website before connecting directly with a representative via call or instant message.
  • Once they’re connected, they can ask whatever question they have regarding their travel plans and receive helpful advice from knowledgeable representatives available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. 
  • Lufthansa’s chat system makes it easy for passengers to get quick answers without waiting on hold or searching through lengthy FAQ pages.

For more details, call the lufthansa customer service assistant at US Number: OTA: +1-800-971-7347 or +1-800-645-3880.

Lufthansa reservations customer service

  • When you have to make reservations with Lufthansa, you can do it in a simple process. Whether you have to book a domestic or international ticket, you must follow the following steps to ensure that you book smoothly:
  • First, contact the lufthansa customer service team by phone or website.
  • You need to fill in the details of your desired trip, like departure city, destination city, and travel dates. This will enlist all the flights suiting your details.
  • Once you choose the available flight option, they will ask you you to complete all necessary paperwork to secure it for you, including payment information if required at this time. 
  • Finally, after all the documentation and payment processes are done, you will receive a confirmation email that includes all flight information and other relevant details about your upcoming journey.
  • Thus, you can make reservations with its customer service team using these simple steps. Customers can know their plans are adequately handled before boarding one of their planes!


Q1: What is the most convenient way to contact lufthansa customer service?

The most convenient way to contact lufthansa is through online methods such as their website or mobile app.

Q2: Why should Lufthansa’s chat method be preferred?

Lufthansa’s chat method is preferred as it lets passengers get quick responses without waiting on hold or searching through lengthy FAQs.

Q3: What is Lufthansa’s customer service number?

Lufthansa’s customer service number is +1-800-645-3880 

Q4: What is the first step in contacting lufthansa customer service?

You must fill in a form provided on its website before contacting them via any method.


Thus, the information above is required to contact Lufthansa customer service reservations. It enlists the necessary steps you need to take and other information you need to know beforehand. For more details, call the Lufthansa customer service assistant at US Number: OTA: +1-800-971-7347 or +1-800-645-3880 

Here are their phone numbers countrywise:

  • Australia Number: +61 283499694  
  • China Number: +86 4008 868 868
  • Costa Rica Number: +506 25397394
  • Egypt Number: +202 25803500

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