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How do I cancel my Aeromexico flight?


How do I cancel my Aeromexico flight?

Flight cancellations can be a frustrating experience, but understanding the policies and procedures of your airline can help alleviate some of the stress. In this guide, we’ll focus on Aeromexico flights and provide detailed information on How do I cancel my Aeromexico flight, free cancellation options, emailing refund requests, making claims, and contacting customer service through various channels.

For direct enquiries, the best place to get useful, exact information is by contacting the Aeromexico live agents by calling at OTA:+1-800-971-7347 .

What You Need To Know About Aeromexico 24 hour policy

 For more convenient and maximum refunds to How do I cancel at Aero Mexico?, Aeromexico has introduced a 24-hour policy that states the following:

  • Cancellations within the first 24 hours are free of cost.
  • Cancellations after 24 hours are subject to cancellation charges.
  • Only refundable tickets are eligible.
  • Tickets booked through Aeromexico’s official channels like ticket counters or through the website are eligible for refunds.

For more up-to-date information on What is the Aeromexico 24 hour policy and refund policy, call Aeromexico customer care at OTA:+1-800-971-7347 .

Speaking to a Live Person at Aero MexicoAirways:

For people wondering How do I talk to a live agent at  Aeromexico , here are the options:

Phone Method:

  • Call the Aero Mexico Airways customer service number at OTA:+1-800-971-7347 .
  • Be handy with your booking number or flight number which you wish to cancel.
  • Listen to the IVR options carefully.
  • Choose the best option for your query or press ‘0’ for operator assistance.
  • Wait for a live representative to answer your call.
  • Provide your booking details and explain your reasons for cancellation.
  •  The live agent will guide you through the safer method for full refunds.

Online Method:

  • Navigate to the “Contact Us” or “Help” section on their website.
  • Look for the live chat option and initiate a conversation.
  • Explain your concern to the chat representative.
  • Follow their steps on cancellation.
  • Be ready if you need to pay for the cancellation.
  • Once you have paid the cancellation successfully, you will receive an email on the cancellation status.
  • If you do not receive the response email for more than 24 hours, feel free to call Aero Mexico live agents at their official number at OTA:+1-800-971-7347 .


Thus, this blog shall serve as a handy guide for passengers who are struggling with Is Aeromexico giving full refunds.

Follow the steps mentioned in this blog for an everlasting travel memory with Aeromexico Airlines. For more precise information, it is better to visit their website or call OTA:+1-800-971-7347 .

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