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How to get refund from Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines refunds

How to get refund from Singapore Airlines?

If you cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours of departure, you can receive a full refund within a week. If you purchased an airline ticket with a debit or credit card, you have the right to a refund within seven to ten working days. When you book your flight ticket using cash or a cheque, Singapore Airlines will refunds you within 10 to 20 working days. If you used a different website to book your flight and then cancelled it, you will receive a refund within seven days. When you cancel your Singapore Airlines flight ticket online within 24 hours of departure, you will not be charged and will receive a full refund.

Steps for getting a refund:

  • To begin, go to the official website and click on the log-in option to access your booking account using your credentials.
  • Go to Manage Bookings and provide your reservation number as well as the passenger’s last name.
  • View flight booking details to check cancellation and refund status, obtain the booking form, and enter the PNR number.
  • You can obtain all refund information, including the day and time to receive it, securely.
  • If you plan a flight but are unable to go on a specific date and time, you can cancel your ticket and receive a refund within a limited time frame.

For more information, you can visit our websites: or contact our customer service number at +1-800-971-7347 (OTA) or 0065-6407-5332 (USA).

Singapore Airlines missed the flight policy

  • If you were denied boarding by Singapore Airlines owing to insufficient capacity or overcrowding, the airline will voluntarily invite passengers to surrender their seats in exchange for compensation or board their next aircraft.
  • If you were refused boarding on an “involuntary basis,” they compensated you as follows:
  • If you travel 1500 Km or less, you are entitled to €250 in compensation.
  • If you travel between 1500 and 3500 kilometers, you will be compensated €400.
  • If your voyage exceeds 3500 km, you will be compensated with €600.
  • If you decide to join their next flight, During the waiting period for your flight, Singapore Airlines will supply you with food, refreshments, hotel accommodations, transportation, and so on.
  • If you missed your Singapore flight due to a Singapore Airlines cancellation, you will be reimbursed.
  • They may also be able to find you another flight.
  • They will not give you a refund if you were notified 14 days or more before the cancellation.
  • Singapore Airlines does not pay compensation if you miss your flight because you were caught in traffic or departed late.
  • They strongly advise their passengers to arrive at the airport three to four hours before their flight’s departure time.
  • If a member of your family or a close relative dies and you are unable to board your booked flight, Singapore Airlines will compensate you, but you must provide the necessary paperwork, such as a death certificate, to the authorities.
  • If you miss your flight due to cancellation, you will only receive a refund on the refundable ticket.
  • It is quite simple to obtain reimbursement from Singapore Airlines. However, some of the policy conditions are stringent, making compensation more difficult to obtain.

The procedure for obtaining compensation if you miss your flights

  • You must get in touch with the representative at the Singapore Airlines counter.
  • They must provide you with a compensation request form.
  • To receive compensation, you must now complete the form.
  • You must now submit the form at the counter.
  • You will receive payment within seven to ten business days.
  • It is not difficult to obtain reimbursement from Singapore Airlines.
  • However, you must adhere to the terms and conditions of their missed flight policy.
  • Some of the provisions make obtaining compensation extremely difficult.
  • To receive prompt reimbursement, you must complete the compensation request form.
  • Singapore Airlines usually issues refunds within seven to 10 business days, but it might take up to a month.

For more information, you can visit the official website or contact the Singapore Airlines customer service number at  +1-800-971-7347 (OTA) or 0065-6407-5332 (USA).

Can we get a refund if we miss our Singapore flight?

Yes, in rare cases, travelers can claim a full refund from Singapore Airlines for missed flights. They must remember that if passengers miss their flights, it is not the airlines’ responsibility to compensate them; in fact, the value of their ticket becomes negligible in that scenario. You can also obtain a full refund if your ticket is canceled and you miss connecting flights. However, if you miss your flight due to a valid reason, such as a medical emergency, and notify the airline in advance, If Singapore Airlines misses your connecting flight due to the company’s negligence, you are entitled to a full refund.

For more detailed information, you can visit our website or contact us at +1-800-971-7347 (OTA) or 0065-6407-5332 (USA).

Is there a fee if you miss your Singapore flight?

You will almost certainly have to pay the rebooking cost. Unfortunately, most airlines do not consider traffic congestion to be a sufficient reason for missing a flight, so it is better to plan ahead of time and leave early to prevent being late. Ward tickets and upgrades must also be spent completely. The no-show cost is in addition to any other fees that may apply. If you do not show up for your Economy Saver award flight and request a refund, you will be charged a total of US$100 + US$75 = US$175. Most airlines do not levy a surcharge for missed flights. Of course, this doesn’t address the monetary value of your unused ticket. However, you will not be charged any additional costs in addition to the initial cost of your ticket.

For more detailed information, you can visit our website or contact us at +1-800-971-7347 (OTA) or 0065-6407-5332 (USA).


Q1: How do I get a refund at Singapore Airlines?

A1: If you purchased a refundable ticket straight from Singapore Airlines, you may cancel it online for a refund. If you cancel a non-refundable ticket, only the Refundable taxes will be returned. The refund will be credited to the credit or debit card used to purchase the ticket.

Q2: How long do Singapore Airline’s reimbursements take?

Singapore Airlines will provide prompt refunds after receiving a complete refund application, where ticket refunds are due, within seven business days for credit card purchases and within 20 business days for cash or cheque purchases, including refunds for fees charged to a passenger for optional services.

Q3: Where are Singapore Airlines’ headquarters located?

A3: The Singapore Airlines headquarters are housed at the Airline House at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Q4: How can I send an email to Singapore Airlines?

A4: Contacting Singapore Airlines via email may be the slowest method; therefore, follow the instructions above or call the Singapore Airlines customer service phone number at +1-800-971-7347 (OTA) or 0065-6407-5332 (USA) for direct communication.


The article offers information on how long Singapore Airlines refunds take as well as phone numbers to contact Singapore Airlines. If you have any doubts, read the blog again carefully for clarification.

For more information, call the Singapore Airlines customer support phone number at:

USA Number: +1-800-971-7347 (OTA) or 0065-6407-5332

Australia Phone: +61 2 7209 4388

France Phone: +33 1 86 47 73 99

Canada Phone: +1 416 945 0299

Germany Phone: +49 69 174 156 59

India Phone: 1800 121 212

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