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How to Cancel Air Canada Flight Tickets & Get Refund?

How to Cancel Air Canada Flight Tickets & Get Refund?

How to Cancel Air Canada Flight Tickets & Get Refund?

Worried about Air Canada cancel flight, and not being able to cancel your flight ticket, then follow the instructions while reading this blog. We understand, there are certain situations where you get stuck in a problem and need guidance for How to Cancel Air Canada Flight Tickets & Get Refund? Therefore, adapt the details below and get your ticket cancelled comfortably.

Also, for your guidance, you give a call to the Air Canada customer service assistant for a smooth cancellation +1-800-971-7347 (OTA) or +1-888-247-2262.

Policy on Air Canada cancellation:

Here is the short overview on Air Canada cancellation, therefore, read the details below:

  • Passengеrs on Air Canada can cancel their reservations within 24 hours of purchase without penalty fees. It is applicable for both refundable and non-refundable tickets. 
  • After the 24-hour cancellation, the cancellation cost will be implemented, it depends on the type of fare ticket you have chosen.  
  • Some tickеts may be refundable, but others may include rеstrictions or penalties. 

Can I cancel Air Canada flight?

Yes, if you are seeking for can i cancel Air Canada flight, then you can do cancel your flight ticket, thus the options for cancelling the flight ticket are:

Using Air Canada official site:

  • Click at the Air Canada link,
  • Now login or sign in the account.
  • After that, provide the booking details, as your booking reference or ticket number and the passenger’s last name. This will grant you access to your booking details.
  • Now check whether you request for cancellation or not and if yes then continue with the process.
  • Tap on the cancel option available in the section.
  • Make sure you read the terms and conditions before cancellation.
  • Once done, now provide the necessary details as asked, and mention the reason for cancellation.
  • After that, if you are permitted to request for a refund then apply for it.
  • Therefore, before submitting the form check the details.
  • At the end, check whether you have to pay for cancellation or not, if yes, then do the necessities. 
  • The moment you are done, you will receive the confirmation mail about the cancellation.

Using Air Canada Customer Service Number:

For Air Canada tickets cancellation you can go for one of the quickest methods, i.e., using the Air Canada customer service number, through which you will be connected to the assistant directly by dialing the contact number +1-800-971-7347 (OTA) or +1-888-247-2262.

Does the live chat option in Air Canada cancel flight?

If you are willing for Air Canada cancel flight through a live chat option, then you do it, for that you have to visit the official website of the airline,, and get to the Contact Us/Help Us section, and find the option for live chat, where you will be connected to the live assistant for cancelling the flight ticket. 

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How to cancel Air Canada flight ticket online?

To cancel Air Canada flight ticket online, visit the site of Air Canada,, and then go for the login credentials to get access to your bookings, where you can easily cancel the flight ticket.

Q: What is the quickest way to cancel Air Canada flight ticket?

The quickest way to get your Air Canada flight ticket cancelled, then dial the customer service number mentioned +1-800-971-7347 (OTA) or +1-888-247-2262.

Q: Can I apply for a refund after the cancellation of flight tickets at Air Canada?

Yes, you can definitely apply for a refund, after the successful cancellation of the Air Canada flight ticket.

Thus, by reading the above details of How to Cancel Air Canada Flight Tickets & Get Refund, in this blog, you will find the details for cancelling the flight ticket at Air Canada, therefore, go through with the methods provided above, and further for any assistance, you can give a call to the Air Canada customer service assistant at the numbers below:

  • US Number: +1-800-971-7347 (OTA) or +1-888-247-2262
  • India Number: +011-4717-2900
  • Philippines Number: +(632) 7 117 9168
  • Puerto Rico Number:  +1 866 257 0333
  • Portugal Number: +00 800 6699 2222
  • Poland Number:  +00 800 6699 2222

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