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How to cancel and refund at Spirit airlines?

How to cancel and refund at Spirit airlines?

How to cancel and refund at Spirit Airlines?

We understand there is a lot of rush in your daily routine, so you couldn’t go with the plan as you did. Thus, if you are seeking Spirit Airlines cancellations, and therefore, searching for an informative solution to cancelling Spirit Airlines, then read the summary on How to cancel and refund at Spirit Airlines, where you will learn about the terms and conditions as well as the steps for requesting a refund after cancellation.

Further, for your convenience, now you can call the Spirit Airlines customer service assistant by dialing the contact number mentioned: +1-800-971-7347 (OTA) or +1-800-772-7117.

Spirit Airlines cancellation policy- 24 hours:

If you plan to cancel your flight within 24 hours, you must look at the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy for 24 hours. That means you can cancel your flight ticket within or after the bookings, but it should be done before 24 hours if you don’t want to experience any Spirit Airlines cancellations fee.

What is Spirit Airlines cancellation policy- Based on ticket type:

To know what is Spirit Airlines cancellation policy based on ticket type, it is defined into three categories:

  • Standard Fare: If you want to cancel a standard fare ticket after 24 hours, then the cancellation fee will be imposed, where the cancellation charge is $90 according to the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy.
  • Flight Flex: When travelling with Flight Flex, and if you want to change/cancel the flight ticket, you need to pay a $90 online and offline $100 charge will be imposed.
  • Award Ticket: This type of ticket may be the costlier to cancel. Therefore, if cancelling the award ticket, $110 will be charged after 24 hours of the booking, and the cost will be increased after the next 24 hours. Therefore, be sure before cancelling the flight ticket.

Calling method for Spirit Airlines cancel flight:

You can go to Spirit Airlines cancel flight tickets directly by calling the assistant. For that, dial the Spirit Airlines customer service number +1-800-971-7347 (OTA) or +1-800-772-7117. Therefore, you will be connected to the assistant via a call on which you can ask the assistant directly to cancel the flight ticket easily. Therefore, before giving a call to the assistant, ensure you are handy with your booking details.

Spirit Airlines refund policy:

After the cancellation, if you are willing to request a refund, then you must know the Spirit Airlines refund policy, which says:

  • You can request a refund after you have successfully made the cancellation.
  • If you are holding the refundable ticket, you can only request a refund, and you can’t request a refund for a non-refundable ticket.
  • You can complete the ticket refund if the flight gets delayed or cancelled.
  • After applying for a refund, wait for 5-7 days of working to get your complete refund.

For more basic details about Spirit Airlines refund policy, call the Spirit Airlines customer service assistant at +1-800-971-7347 (OTA) or +1-800-772-7117.

How to request a Spirit Airlines refund?

To request a Spirit Airlines refund, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Spirit Airlines official site, 
  • Click the My Bookings tab at the top.
  • Enter your confirmation number or ticket number and the passenger’s last name in the respective fields. This information can be found on your booking confirmation or e-ticket.
  • Click on the search button.
  • Tap on the cancel button to initiate the cancellation process.
  • Review the cancellation policy and any associated fees, if applicable.
  • Confirm your decision to cancel the flight by selecting the appropriate option.
  • Follow any additional prompts or instructions provided on the screen.
  • After successfully cancelling your flight, you can request the cancellation. Make sure you check whether you have to pay the cancellation fee or not.
  • Once your cancellation is made perfectly, check whether you are eligible for a refund. If yes, provide your booking details and request a refund.
  • Therefore, when complete, wait till you get your refund.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I cancel a flight and get a refund from Spirit Airlines? 

Yes, you can go for the cancellation and request your refund of the total cost of the ticket at any time before the scheduled departure time/date of your flight. Thus, consider the cancellation policy before applying for cancellation at Spirit Airlines.

Q: Can I cancel a Spirit Airlines ticket? 

Yeah, it is possible to cancel your Spirit Airlines ticket; if you have booked a refundable ticket, only you can cancel it. For more information, contact Spirit Airlines customer service at +1-800-971-7347 (OTA) or +1-800-772-7117. 

Q: Can I cancel Spirit Airlines within 24 hours without fees?

If your requirements meet the Spirit Airlines Refund Policy, you can cancel your bookings within 24 hours without the fees.

Therefore, by going through the details of How to cancel and refund at Spirit Airlines, you will learn about the steps for cancelling the flight ticket at Spirit Airlines. Therefore, if you get stuck in a problem, then dial the Spirit Airlines customer service number mentioned using the list:

  • US Number: +1-800-971-7347 (OTA) or +1-800-772-7117 
  • Spirit Airlines Official Number: 855-728-3555
  • UK Number: 855-728-3555
  • Toll-Free Number: 1-855-SAVE-555 (855-728-3555)
  • Text us at 48763. 
  • WhatsApp: 855-728-3555
  • Colombia Number: +571 241 4000
  • Peru Number: +51932132847
  • Ecuador Number: 593 4 371-0897
  • Caribbean Number: 011-509-2940-4422
  • Guatemala Number:  502-2292-0828 
  • Costa Rica Number: +506 4032-9449

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