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How to Contact United Airlines at Amman Airport? – Skyairbus

How to Contact United Airlines at Amman Airport?

How to Contact United Airlines at Amman Airport?

United Airlines is one of the leading carriers in the airline industry, providing excellent customer service. If you are in Amman and want to contact United Amman Jordan, you can do it in several ways. In this essay, we will discuss contacting Amman Jordan united airlines. For further details on how to Contact United Airlines at Amman Airport, read the blog below or call United Airlines Customer Service Number at OTA: +1-800-971-7347 or 1 800-864-8331.

How to Contact United Airlines at Amman Airport by various methods? 

To know more about Contacting United Airlines at Amman Airport below is the given information.

  • Contacting United Airlines by Visiting the Customer Service Desk:

You can contact United Airlines at Amman Airport by visiting their customer service desk, which is available in both the departure and arrival halls. The desk operates 24/7 to assist with inquiries.

  • Contacting United Airlines  by Making a Phone Call:

Another option is through United Airlines customer care number OTA: +1-800-971-7347 or USA: 1 800-864-8331, accessible 24/7. This is the toll-free number, connecting you to a customer care representative for assistance.

  • Contacting United Airlines by Email Communication:

You can Use the customer service email address that is shown on United Airlines’ website for email queries. Provide all the contact information and the details of your issue, and after that an agent from customer service will get back to you right away.

  • Contacting United Airlines by Online Customer Service Platform:

United Airlines offers an online platform with a chatbot, FAQ section, and an inquiry submission form. The chatbot is available around the clock, providing quick solutions to customer questions.

  • Flight Information to Amman:

United Airlines offers flights to Amman from select US cities, but flight availability and routes may vary. It’s advisable to check with the airline or a travel agent for current flight schedules and options.

  • Contacting United Airlines Customer Service:

United Airlines provides multiple avenues for contacting customer service, including their website, 24/7 phone support OTA: +1-800-971-7347 or USA: 1 800-864-8331, and social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Ensure you select the correct contact method based on your preferences and location.


Q1. What are the operating hours for United Airlines customer service at Amman Airport?

United Airlines’ customer service desk at Amman Airport operates 24/7, ensuring assistance is available at any time.

Q2. Can we contact United Airlines customer care in Amman, Jordan?

Yes, you may contact United Airlines customer service  at Amman Airport by dialling OTA: +1-800-971-7347 or USA: 1 800-864-8331, both of which are available around-the-clock i.e.24/7.

Q3: How long does it typically take for United Airlines’ customer service to respond to email inquiries?

United Airlines’ customer service aims to respond to email inquiries promptly. You can expect to receive a response shortly after submitting your email.

Q4: What services are available through United Airlines’ online customer service platform?

United Airlines’ online platform offers a chatbot for quick solutions, a frequently asked questions section, and an inquiry submission form for addressing various customer inquiries.

Q5. Is it possible to change or cancel a United Airlines reservation through these contact methods?

Yes, you can often change or cancel a United Airlines reservation through the contact methods mentioned in this blog, including phone, email, or the online customer service platform. Be sure to have your reservation details ready when contacting them for such requests.


United Airlines provides several ways to contact customers at Amman Airport. The four main ways to contact United Airlines are the customer service desk, phone call, email, and online customer service platform. You can choose any of these options to get assistance with your inquiry, and the customer service representative will assist you immediately. Reading the blog, I hope you got detailed information on How to Contact United Airlines at Amman Airport. For further details, call United Airlines Customer Service Number at OTA: +1-800-971-7347 or 1 800-864-8331, and get your queries sorted. For your convenience, here is the list of United Airlines customer service:

  • USA: 1 800-864-8331 or OTA: +1-800-971-7347
  • New Zealand: 0800-747-400
  • Indonesia: 62-21-837-80-607
  • Japan: 03-6732-5011
  • Malaysia: 603-2143-1433
  • Greece: 00-800-441-4-3592
  • Switzerland: 022-417-72-80
  • United Kingdom: 0845-607-6760
  • Canada: 1-800-864-8331
  • Belgium: 02-2-0088-68
  • France: 01-71-23-03-35
  • Singapore: 65-6670-9737
  • Italy: 02-6963-3256
  • Australia: 1 300 651 815

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